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50,200+ Videos

(Average Length 1 Min. minutes)

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MP4 (1280x720), WMV (720x480), MOV (640x480)

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(No license restrictions)

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210,000+ Picture Sets

(w/ 5 Pictures Per Set)

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$4.95 for 3 Days-Limited


$19.95 for 30 Days

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$129.95 for 365 Days

The Pros

  • An unparalleled archive of female celebrity nudes!
  • Great looking, easy-to-use website
  • Mr. Skin is a great character and pop culture icon

The Cons

  • Will certainly overwhelm new members
  • Quality depends on unreliable image sources
  • Non-exclusive content

Our ReviewVisit Mr. Skin

Instead of rewinding your old Mojave Moon VHS tape to get another look at Angelina Jolie’s pre-fame, pre-babies, pre-Brad breasts in a shower scene, you headed over to Mr. Skin, a celebrity nude site you first learned of when watching Knocked Up (which, bye the way, also brings the tattys), signed up for a monthly membership, logged in and found yourself faced with an almost unbearable decision on your hands – where do I go from here? Well, thanks to Mr. Skin’s exhaustive showcasing of everything from Jennifer Love Hewitt cleavage shots (so, so many), Kim Kardashian’s huge ass (so, so round), and Meg Ryan’s long-awaited first nude scene in Jane Campion’s much maligned thriller In The Cut to rare topless clips and screencaps of French New Wave icon Anna Karina (one of Sasha Grey’s idols), you can start pretty much anywhere you like.

Sporting one of adult entertainment’s best web designs, Mr. Skin is a treat to browse and you’re certain to relive many masturbatory fantasies that came courtesy of flesh-baring scenes in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Pretty in Pink, and, for those of you only recently hitting legal porn-viewing age, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Now hosting more High Definition Blu-Ray-sourced content than ever before, Mr. Skin just keeps getting better and better. Famous performers keep shedding their clothes and the folks who run this great site always seem there to catch permanent glimpses of what were once video store mumblings.

This isn’t a site without downsides, though, as content can and does vary in quality a great deal. You’ll find everything from grainy, distorted VHS-sourced videos to 1080p HD TV screencaps proving that, yes, the sex is the only reason to watch True Blood. The site can also be quite a handful for inexperienced users, what with so many damn avenues of inquiry and all, and it could take a while for you to get a feel for the place. Once you’re comfortable, though, there’s an astonishing archive of content (obviously non-exclusive) to enjoy here. Mr. Skin hasn’t stopped there, though. The site also features some fantastic polls, Top 10 lists, podcasts, and special feature articles that highlight the best and worst of celebrity nudity so you’ll never feel out of the loop again.

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